June 27, 2015 DLRNadmin

Trill & My Pre-Draft Anxiety

I’m not gunna front. Had the Sacramento Kings professional basketball club traded away DeMarcus Cousins, prior to the draft, I along with many other die-hards would’ve needed to be placed on “suicide watch”. Loving a losing team is depressing in itself, but losing your marquee player is like a swift kick to the nuts. It’s essentially admitting defeat, and conceding that there will be less playoffs, and more ping-pong lottery in the near future.

That said, draft day held a lot of uncertainty for me and my woes. What if Mudiay was available at our spot? Or Justice Winslow? Although, I was an early fan of WCS we have too many needs on this team…I mean, to draft a “Big” right?! It’s hard to feel like one decision would sway the pendulum, but taking a guard may keep the likes of Rondo from renting a loft off L Street. Or at least i’d hope.

Draft night saw a few early surprises. Boogie NOT being traded. The Lakers drafting D’Angelo Russell, and all of the players I would’ve hoped to see, at our spot, were still on the board. When his name was called; I wasn’t instantly gratified. It took a minute to sink in, but I then imagined the easy buckets he’d get when Big Cuz saw double teams…or the way he’d step out and stay in front of strech-fours. I think for the first time since drafting DeMarcus the Kings made the right pick.

Introducing the Twin Towers of Sacramento.

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