June 23, 2015 DLRNadmin

The Western Book of the Dead


True Detective’s second season premiered on Sunday to give us something to obsess over until the zombie show’s LA spinoff debuts. If you aren’t up on the series, True Detective is a crime drama on HBO created by writer Nic Pizzolatto. Each season is a different storyline with brand new themes, characters, and narratives. Season one was a breakout hit and was documented proof that Matthew McConaughey can actually act.

Season two has some lofty expectations to live up to. The first season was so good, that most folks (see: the internets) expect the show to face a sophomore slump. But with a show as dense as True Detective, it’s difficult to have a strong opinion after one episode. Episode one felt more like a formality to setup the story rather than anything of real substance.

Colin Farell’s character, tough guy Detective Ray Velcoro, has Emmy nomination written all over it. His foil, Frank Semyon, has Vince Vaughn looking less like the slacker from Swingers and more like a new school Christopher Walken. Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch round out the rest of the cast in strong supporting roles.

It’ll take a few episodes to see if Pizzolatto can strike twice, but I’m already geeked as shit.