Mixing and Mastering.

Mixing and mastering is a fkn process.

Two or three sessions AT LEAST, go into making your project sound like it wasn’t made on your 9 year old’s Casio and an iPhone voice app. (Yes, some people’s music sounds like that, don’t give me the side eye!) Each session is a couple hours long, and consists of you sitting on varied chairs, while the engineers twist knobs and fiddle with dials.

Not to mention you end up hearing your song over and over and over again.

People always wonder why folks bring… five or six people to the studio with them? It’s because we are trying to not hear our own voices in surround sound for 120 minutes on a loop.

So if you have a homies, a lover, a friend — that asks you to go with them to the studio… and you actually go??

You the real MVP.

*slow clap*