All about that Good Company

So we are doing a little bit of an impromptu get-down tonight at the Dive Bar with our fam #GoodCompany — just a little something something to celebrate the recent signing day between us and BLDBLK Records.

Come thru to Dive Bar tonight, guest DJ Sonny Phono is with us as well.

K street


Free AF — you know, in case you were confused about how free it really was.

CIP Pop Up

Not so throooooowback

Concerts in the Park is always one of the livest shows in Sac. For a few months out of the year we get to go and partake in a free concert, cold beer, and hot ass sun.

We were blessed enough to perform at CIP in 2015 with Blackalicious. Knowing that we were going to be in front of a big ass crowd,  it seemed only right that we wanted to be able to bring the fam with us. When we performed, a young Soosh!E, of Hot 1035 fame, jumped on the mic with us to show Sacramento a little of what he had to offer.  The sun was beaming, the crowd was pumped, and fuck it — so were we. Rocking the hometown crowd like that.. was a beautiful trip.

It was not too long after that we found out that show had broken the 24 year CIP attendance record. It’s still pretty fucking crazy to be able to consider ourselves a part of that moment .



Cut to two years later, and it was Soosh’s turn. On June 9th, Soosh opened for Del the Funky Homosapien, and on that night, Soosh brought Sean up for a quick song. Just like two years earlier, being up there with the fam just felt right, ya know?

Turns out that night broke our attendance record….

Not so throooooowback

……. Challenge accepted.



Mixing and Mastering.

Mixing and mastering is a fkn process.

Two or three sessions AT LEAST, go into making your project sound like it wasn’t made on your 9 year old’s Casio and an iPhone voice app. (Yes, some people’s music sounds like that, don’t give me the side eye!) Each session is a couple hours long, and consists of you sitting on varied chairs, while the engineers twist knobs and fiddle with dials.

Not to mention you end up hearing your song over and over and over again.

People always wonder why folks bring… five or six people to the studio with them? It’s because we are trying to not hear our own voices in surround sound for 120 minutes on a loop.

So if you have a homies, a lover, a friend — that asks you to go with them to the studio… and you actually go??

You the real MVP.

*slow clap*


The Sammies are always a trip. Not speaking for any other artists, of course, this is just off the cuff.

In case you aren’t familiar, the Sammies are Sacramento’ local music awards, put on by Sacramento News and Review. The weekly periodical has a multi-layered voting process, where local readers vote their favorites in HELLA different categories.

We were nominated this year for a couple of different cateogries, but to be honest we were way more excited about getting the opportunity to perform.

Sure, we have performed on all kinds of different stages; from the stage of local cultural hub, Sol Collective – to the main stage at TBD Fest and Concerts in the Park. This show, though, was special because it was going to be the first time we got the chance to rock some of our new material.

Oh you ain’t know about the new material? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that…

It feels like so long ago that Neon Noir (Deluxe) dropped, and since then we have been pouring all types of time and love into this new project. It’s been a rollercoaster though, all types of ups and downs that ended up happening along the way. Not one of those kiddie rides, either. We’re talking twists, turns, and a few 360s thrown in for good measure.

So when we were graciously offered the opportunity to perform, we took it. This was going to be the perfect chance to feel out that new-new. See how other folks reacted to it, and more importantly, see how people who live outside of our musical spectrum feel about what they heard.

Of course we had to bring the homies PRVLGS with us, because no one sets the tone like them. Even with everyone’s hectic schedules, everyone was there to practice. Everyone put in the hours. The work. But moreover,  there was hella heart in that rehearsal.

Fast forward: The whole night was great. So many different types of audiences, so many different bands, even the hosts (shout out to the fam James Cavern and Nick Brunner for both holding down the emcee duties), were from varied walks of life. It ran smoothly, the audience stayed entertained, and you were guaranteed to run into at LEAST 10 people you wanted to see…. and only one or two that you didn’t.

We don’t want to speak on our performance because words right hollow if you weren’t there first hand. One thing is definite though:

That new-new felt good.

Stay tuned fam. And thank you for tuning in thus far.

Check the SAMMIES winners out here.

Submerge’s 200th Issue Party.


DLRN has the privilege of rockin’ with Submerge Magazine at their 200th issue party.

Details on the festivities here.

Check out the cover article they did on us in issue #162.

Neon Noir (Deluxe) on Okayplayer!

“Genre bending Sacramento-bred duo DLRN bka Sean LaMarr and Jon Reyes made a splash with the debut of their full-length Neon Noir (Deluxe) LP. Brooding and bright, the project landed at the close of September chock full of joints. The tracks share a wavy electro undercurrent that punctuates the candid verses chronicling the highs and lows of DLRN’s journey to the fore. Stepping firmly outside of the traditionalist box, DLRN hits the reboot button and pushes the envelope with a collection propelled by tight flows, raw emotion and the spacious production at the core of each track.”

Kind words from the good folks at OKP. A dream come true.

Check out the full write-up here.

Art Life Garibaldi: Anthony Giannotti Interview Part I

Art Life Garibaldi: Anthony Giannotti Interview Part I

This weeks Art Life episode, Garibaldi interviews renowned barber and entrepreneur Anthony Giannotti while getting shaved. Anthony shares his insights on the rise of barbering and how he put a twist on it with his new establishment, Bottle and Barlow, located in Sacramento, CA. It features music from yours truly (a preview of “David Blaine” from Neon Noir Deluxe).

Follow Garibaldi @garibaldiarts

Follow Anthony Giannotti @anthonythebarber916

Follow Bottle and Barlow @bottleandbarlow

Neon Noir Deluxe drops Sept 25th.