Summer ’16

Damn it’s summer already. When did that even happen?

One of the best things about summers in Sac, is the long nights. The sky stays lit for what feels like hours with all the hues of that perfect Cali sunset that you always hear folks talking about. With longer nights, comes tons of amazing events.

We decided to kick off our summer by playing with the fam PRVLGS, as we celebrate the new release of Ko & Eli’s new EP. We consider ourselves blessed to share the stage with such and talent, and we can’t think of a better place than Harlow’s nightclub to make it happen. The mood is always chill, the vibe is always right, and that patio is always perfect on a summer night.

So come out and toast with us.

2708 J St
Doors open at 7


The Sammies are always a trip. Not speaking for any other artists, of course, this is just off the cuff.

In case you aren’t familiar, the Sammies are Sacramento’ local music awards, put on by Sacramento News and Review. The weekly periodical has a multi-layered voting process, where local readers vote their favorites in HELLA different categories.

We were nominated this year for a couple of different cateogries, but to be honest we were way more excited about getting the opportunity to perform.

Sure, we have performed on all kinds of different stages; from the stage of local cultural hub, Sol Collective – to the main stage at TBD Fest and Concerts in the Park. This show, though, was special because it was going to be the first time we got the chance to rock some of our new material.

Oh you ain’t know about the new material? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that…

It feels like so long ago that Neon Noir (Deluxe) dropped, and since then we have been pouring all types of time and love into this new project. It’s been a rollercoaster though, all types of ups and downs that ended up happening along the way. Not one of those kiddie rides, either. We’re talking twists, turns, and a few 360s thrown in for good measure.

So when we were graciously offered the opportunity to perform, we took it. This was going to be the perfect chance to feel out that new-new. See how other folks reacted to it, and more importantly, see how people who live outside of our musical spectrum feel about what they heard.

Of course we had to bring the homies PRVLGS with us, because no one sets the tone like them. Even with everyone’s hectic schedules, everyone was there to practice. Everyone put in the hours. The work. But moreover,  there was hella heart in that rehearsal.

Fast forward: The whole night was great. So many different types of audiences, so many different bands, even the hosts (shout out to the fam James Cavern and Nick Brunner for both holding down the emcee duties), were from varied walks of life. It ran smoothly, the audience stayed entertained, and you were guaranteed to run into at LEAST 10 people you wanted to see…. and only one or two that you didn’t.

We don’t want to speak on our performance because words right hollow if you weren’t there first hand. One thing is definite though:

That new-new felt good.

Stay tuned fam. And thank you for tuning in thus far.

Check the SAMMIES winners out here.

DLRN w/ Privileges + Stevie Nader @ Transition2016

Happy new year folks!

This Sunday in Sacramento, DLRN will be playing some new shit at Sol Collective for “Transition 5”. The annual showcase was created by producer AREYOU (Ru) in 2011 as a way to feature both the production and emceeing elements of hip hop music while flowing together seamlessly as one long performance. The event’s a great way to kick off the year and usually results in a reunion for everyone in the Sacramento hip hop scene. We’ll be playing some stuff of the new album with support from the homies of PRVLGS, a prog rock/jazz duo that are insane on the drums and keys. Also performing this year is headliner DUCKWRTH with Alyssa Bernal, RU AREYOU, Stevie Nader, Chuuwee, Soosh*e! and JustKristofer. It’s an all ages show that’s only $10 at the door. We’ll have some special stickerpacks for folks that come through and hang.

Back in the Studio

Happy December. It’s cold as shit and DLRN is back in the studio recording new music! Sean and I have been hard at work all over California working on the followup to Neon Noir Deluxe. Out in LA we’ve been tracking at Truth Studios, in Sacto we’ve been visiting the good folks at Alley Ave and Soundcap and as I write this…I’m sipping on a Guinness in the legendary Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth of San Francisco’s Vesuvio Café with an Ableton session running in the background. No spoilers yet on the album title, features, etc…it’s still a little early in the process for that. But the music is coming along smoothly and we’re both very excited for you to hear what we have in the pipeline.

If you’re looking for New Year’s Eve plans, Druskee and I will be spinning at Dive Bar for a GOOD COMPANY NYE PARTY! There’ll be a balloon drop, champagne, and of course all the dope party music you come to expect from a GOODCOMPANY party. Make sure to come early because we do expect to hit capacity very early.

Submerge’s 200th Issue Party.


DLRN has the privilege of rockin’ with Submerge Magazine at their 200th issue party.

Details on the festivities here.

Check out the cover article they did on us in issue #162.

Neon Noir (Deluxe) on Okayplayer!

“Genre bending Sacramento-bred duo DLRN bka Sean LaMarr and Jon Reyes made a splash with the debut of their full-length Neon Noir (Deluxe) LP. Brooding and bright, the project landed at the close of September chock full of joints. The tracks share a wavy electro undercurrent that punctuates the candid verses chronicling the highs and lows of DLRN’s journey to the fore. Stepping firmly outside of the traditionalist box, DLRN hits the reboot button and pushes the envelope with a collection propelled by tight flows, raw emotion and the spacious production at the core of each track.”

Kind words from the good folks at OKP. A dream come true.

Check out the full write-up here.

Neon Noir (Deluxe) Trailer

Neon Noir (Deluxe) is the debut LP from Sacramento duo DLRN
Get it here.

Directed by Erick Lee
Visual Effects: Monee La Russa
Assistant Camera: Chad Ross
Lighting: Joe C.
Model: Caroline Lee

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Art Life Garibaldi: Anthony Giannotti Interview Part I

Art Life Garibaldi: Anthony Giannotti Interview Part I

This weeks Art Life episode, Garibaldi interviews renowned barber and entrepreneur Anthony Giannotti while getting shaved. Anthony shares his insights on the rise of barbering and how he put a twist on it with his new establishment, Bottle and Barlow, located in Sacramento, CA. It features music from yours truly (a preview of “David Blaine” from Neon Noir Deluxe).

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Follow Anthony Giannotti @anthonythebarber916

Follow Bottle and Barlow @bottleandbarlow

Neon Noir Deluxe drops Sept 25th.

BTS of Neon Noir Deluxe’s “Never Falling” Trailer

On a Sunday night that spilled over into Monday morning we set out to film a teaser for our new album Neon Noir Deluxe with director Erick Lee and crew. Andre Elliott joined us and captured some amazing shots from our late night cruising around Sacramento. Visuals coming soon.

DSC_6358DSC_6393 DSC_6575 DSC_6621 DSC_6679 DSC_6736 DSC_6797