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SN&R Recap of Sister Crayon, DLRN & Stevie Nader



This week’s issue of alt-weekly Sacramento News & Review featured a recap of last Saturday’s show with Sister Crayon and Stevie Nader. SN&R’s Janelle Bitker writes:

“Stevie Nader and DLRN split an opening set, backed by DJ Druskee and drummer Omar Gonzalez-Barajas. DLRN’s Sean Lamarr, impressed by the sizeable crowd of folks rocking out early, issued a thanks: “I bet you guys didn’t come here for hip-hop.”

That wasn’t entirely accurate, though, given the rich hip-hop influences on Sister Crayon’s Devoted. And truly, I can’t think of a better local opener for 2015’s Sister Crayon than Nader and DLRN. Even though Nader and DLRN collaborate all the time, it’s never less special. It’s just a combo that works so well—Nader’s backup vocals on DLRN’s “Fear & Loathing” and Lamarr’s guest slot on Nader’s “Make You” along with rapper Soosh*e created soulful, dynamic breaks from the norm.”

Read the full recap of last Saturday’s show here.

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