June 25, 2017 DLRNadmin

Late & Bake

If you live in the beautiful state of California, then you are already very aware that marijuana is legal. With a far more relaxed approach to cannabis consumption, there are a bunch of shows that are cropping up, all with Mary Jane as their main theme.

June 22nd DLRN x PRVLGS were able to partake in a new experience as the featured musical guest on The Latest Show.

Hosted by local comedians Shehera Hyatt and Michael Cella, and taking place once a month live-and-direct at The Red Museum, this months theme was all reefer related. Featured guests were comedic chronniseur Ngaio Bealum, and local marijuana activist Sheldon Orviss. Not to mention we cured the munchies with local business Donut Madness.

Make sure you click the link and take a minute to check out The Latest Show


Verdict = Lit.