July 28, 2015 DLRNadmin

ColdCutz! Music Club


I don’t know if you heard…but we’re in the middle of a vinyl revival! Sales of vinyl records are increasing each year! Artists are putting out records only available on wax! Record store day is pretty much a national holliday! Folks are burning their iPods in the streets!

Not quite, but vinyl is becoming a common and beloved medium for music once again. With so many options and avenues to listen to music online, I think folks are just fatigued by the disposability of it all. Consumers want to simply appreciate the music and invest in the music they love. They want shit that lasts.

A big part of music appreciation is being able to share the music with other people. A year ago, a group of homies and I started the ColdCutz! Music Club in San Francisco. We meet every 4th Thursday of the month at El Amigo Bar in the Outer Mission to share music that we’re excited about. One of the most interesting things about the night is that we feature open turntables. Anyone can bring their records and share music. The best part is you never know what you’re gonna hear. One minute it’ll be the Brazillian funk of Marcos Valle, the next minute people are dancing on top of the bar to Whitney Houston.

As a DJ, it’s dope to see other people bring records and try to figure out a DJ setup for the first time. Most of them are hella nervous until they start to see people reacting to the music — a privilege I get whenever I play out. One of my homies described it as “the most stressful fun I’ve had in a long time”. Even better is when they come back the next month with a new stack of records to share. You know they’ve caught the bug.

Here’s a few flicks from our party last Thursday.




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