June 10, 2017 DLRNadmin

CIP Pop Up

Not so throooooowback

Concerts in the Park is always one of the livest shows in Sac. For a few months out of the year we get to go and partake in a free concert, cold beer, and hot ass sun.

We were blessed enough to perform at CIP in 2015 with Blackalicious. Knowing that we were going to be in front of a big ass crowd,  it seemed only right that we wanted to be able to bring the fam with us. When we performed, a young Soosh!E, of Hot 1035 fame, jumped on the mic with us to show Sacramento a little of what he had to offer.  The sun was beaming, the crowd was pumped, and fuck it — so were we. Rocking the hometown crowd like that.. was a beautiful trip.

It was not too long after that we found out that show had broken the 24 year CIP attendance record. It’s still pretty fucking crazy to be able to consider ourselves a part of that moment .



Cut to two years later, and it was Soosh’s turn. On June 9th, Soosh opened for Del the Funky Homosapien, and on that night, Soosh brought Sean up for a quick song. Just like two years earlier, being up there with the fam just felt right, ya know?

Turns out that night broke our attendance record….

Not so throooooowback

……. Challenge accepted.



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