DLRN​ is the first official act signed to Bldblk Records!

BLDBLK is an independent record label, an imprint of Artery Recordings and a part of the larger Sony music family, focusing on up-and-coming artists and “genre-bending unicorns”.

So….I guess that makes us unicorns…like Kofi, Big-E and Xavier Woods. In other words its a #NewDay

We are so grateful to be a part of the Sony/Artery/BLDBLK family!

Shout out to Justin Nordan​ and the BLDBLK family for believing in the vision. Shout out to our team who makes a lot of this possible. Shout out to our fans…well for not unfollowing us. lol

New music coming soon. #DLRN


We have some huge news to share.

Tune in June 30th to find out more.


Too Much Good Stuff

We are loving this summer, and the show coming up on July 14th is no exception.

Jon Reyes is going to be behind the decks as The Philharmonik, Trophii and Joyzu open up for rising star R.LUM.R as he rocks the stage at the Concerts in the Park summer series.  Most known for his hit song Frustrated, R.LUM.R has racked millions of plays on Spotify in a short time, and is making waves with audiences around the world.

Plus, we cannot say just yet, but we would love to see yall out. We are going to be celebrating some amazing news in the DLRN camp, and there is no better to place to live it up then vibing with almost 10 thousand people.


Concerts in the Park takes place every Friday through the end of July.

Cesar Chavez Park

9th and I street


Late & Bake

If you live in the beautiful state of California, then you are already very aware that marijuana is legal. With a far more relaxed approach to cannabis consumption, there are a bunch of shows that are cropping up, all with Mary Jane as their main theme.

June 22nd DLRN x PRVLGS were able to partake in a new experience as the featured musical guest on The Latest Show.

Hosted by local comedians Shehera Hyatt and Michael Cella, and taking place once a month live-and-direct at The Red Museum, this months theme was all reefer related. Featured guests were comedic chronniseur Ngaio Bealum, and local marijuana activist Sheldon Orviss. Not to mention we cured the munchies with local business Donut Madness.

Make sure you click the link and take a minute to check out The Latest Show

Verdict = Lit.

CIP Pop Up

Not so throooooowback

Concerts in the Park is always one of the livest shows in Sac. For a few months out of the year we get to go and partake in a free concert, cold beer, and hot ass sun.

We were blessed enough to perform at CIP in 2015 with Blackalicious. Knowing that we were going to be in front of a big ass crowd,  it seemed only right that we wanted to be able to bring the fam with us. When we performed, a young Soosh!E, of Hot 1035 fame, jumped on the mic with us to show Sacramento a little of what he had to offer.  The sun was beaming, the crowd was pumped, and fuck it — so were we. Rocking the hometown crowd like that.. was a beautiful trip.

It was not too long after that we found out that show had broken the 24 year CIP attendance record. It’s still pretty fucking crazy to be able to consider ourselves a part of that moment .



Cut to two years later, and it was Soosh’s turn. On June 9th, Soosh opened for Del the Funky Homosapien, and on that night, Soosh brought Sean up for a quick song. Just like two years earlier, being up there with the fam just felt right, ya know?

Turns out that night broke our attendance record….

Not so throooooowback

……. Challenge accepted.