First Festival x DLRN x PRVLGS for the win

Them lights be shining

So we had the privilege (ha!) of playing a locally based music festival called First Fest here in Sacramento.

Currently in its third year, First Fest is built on the ethos of being a platform for local creatives to come together and enjoy each other. All walks of life, from music, comedy, art, food

Gotta hit that stripper clap

and local businesses were able to spend two days on the river, watching the sunset behind the stages as bands from all genres got us hyped up for the start of summer.

Hell, we even got the chance to check out bands we had never been able to see live. We were blown away by some of the talent we have here in this city.

It’s a great thing seeing this city keep building and growing, to see so many different avenues for our artists to perform in. We can’t wait to see this shit get bigger.

… next year we are crossing our fingers for the Deftones to pop up on the lineup.


Take a minute to check out First Fest here in Sacramento, the link is below. They are doing some great things here in Sacramento.

Loving the vibes and the crowd at First Fest

Thanks for having us out guys!