BTS of Neon Noir Deluxe’s “Never Falling” Trailer

On a Sunday night that spilled over into Monday morning we set out to film a teaser for our new album Neon Noir Deluxe with director Erick Lee and crew. Andre Elliott joined us and captured some amazing shots from our late night cruising around Sacramento. Visuals coming soon.

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GOODCOMPANY at Dive Bar Sacramento


GOODCOMPANY is wrapping up a 2 week-residency at Dive Bar in Sacramento on Friday night. Last week I had a solo shift. The place was packed and had mermaids swimming in the aquarium above the bar. This week, Druskee is back from SF’s Outside Lands Festival and will be joining me for one of our infamous back to back sets.

For the uninitiated, GOODCOMPANY is the name of the travelling party hosted by Druskee and myself. Occasionally it’s a day party w/ DJ Epik, Mooselini The Soul Facist, and Drewbacca the Hairless Wookie. Regardless of the format, GOODCOMPANY is a zero-fucks, better wear your dancing shoes, gonna end up making new friends dance party which celebrates music to make you feel good.

Listen to my GOODCOMPANY promo mix here.

Listen to Druskee’s GOODCOMPANY promo mix here.

SN&R Recap of Sister Crayon, DLRN & Stevie Nader



This week’s issue of alt-weekly Sacramento News & Review featured a recap of last Saturday’s show with Sister Crayon and Stevie Nader. SN&R’s Janelle Bitker writes:

“Stevie Nader and DLRN split an opening set, backed by DJ Druskee and drummer Omar Gonzalez-Barajas. DLRN’s Sean Lamarr, impressed by the sizeable crowd of folks rocking out early, issued a thanks: “I bet you guys didn’t come here for hip-hop.”

That wasn’t entirely accurate, though, given the rich hip-hop influences on Sister Crayon’s Devoted. And truly, I can’t think of a better local opener for 2015’s Sister Crayon than Nader and DLRN. Even though Nader and DLRN collaborate all the time, it’s never less special. It’s just a combo that works so well—Nader’s backup vocals on DLRN’s “Fear & Loathing” and Lamarr’s guest slot on Nader’s “Make You” along with rapper Soosh*e created soulful, dynamic breaks from the norm.”

Read the full recap of last Saturday’s show here.