All about that Good Company

So we are doing a little bit of an impromptu get-down tonight at the Dive Bar with our fam #GoodCompany -- just a little something something to celebrate the recent

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 DLRN​ is the first official act signed to Bldblk Records! BLDBLK is an independent record label, an imprint of Artery Recordings and a part of the larger Sony music

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We have some huge news to share. Tune in June 30th to find out more.

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Floating in the ether of golden era lyricism, dark, transluscent synths, and melodic harmonies — lies DLRN.  Blending the crisp vocals of Sean LaMarr with Jon Reyes on the boards, the pair has managed to find a way to defy archetypes, and seamlessly blend varying styles to form a genre-bending musical experience that speaks to a wide range of audiences.

Their music paints a cinematic portrait of the struggle that the everyday hero must face — trying to be everything to everyone. Weaving intricate tales of love, loss, and loathing, they expose you to the side of artists you never really see. The side that feels doubt. The side that feels hurt, and pain, and conversely, triumph.

The human side.



Sean LaMarr

“The duo sticks with a synergy that yearns with the hunger from Sean’s delivery and Jon’s future electro buzz of sub-genres that are yet to be named. But strengthening up and keeping their local crews healthy and strong is part of DLRN’s code of arms… —Sean toasts to greatness in a narrative backdrop of hotel-hedonism while Jon builds up cities made of synth-bricks only to be knocked down like digitized blocks.”
Sijmon Gompers – Impose Magazine



Jon Reyes

“Think “Life of Pi” meets “Donnie Darko.” If there was a movie mashup to compare to DLRN then this would be it. I’m not saying that DLRN’s sound is like a movie but more like a cinematic soundtrack and their music videos can attest to this depth in artistry: a dark yet enchanting musical glow with a story to tell in each composition.”
Audrey Esperanza – Urb Magazine





Neon Noir (Deluxe) is the musing of children of the nightlife – an exploration of the uppers and downers that come with living life afterhours. Sean LaMarr and Jon Reyes take you on a ride, cutting through the cityglow, and into the stillness of sunrise.

Released: Sept 25, 2015
℗ 2015 Anigma


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